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“Music Therapy” in “Future Generation Pregnancy Club”  (04.01.2016)

“Music Therapy” in “Future Generation Pregnancy Club”


A new study finds that music therapy can reduce psychological stress among pregnant women. Listening to music relaxes, soothes and encourages control over anxiety and helps the expectant mother to create positive and pleasant images. The best music to use is slow, sweet and calm music and this genre often evokes scenes from childhood and mountainous or natural places.

The earlier one is engaged in musical activities, the more benefits will be derived by the expectant parents and the baby. These are cumulative in their effect. Thus, the optimum time to begin prenatal music exposure is at the beginning of pregnancy. However, engaging in musical activities during any part of the pregnancy will benefit the baby, mother, father and other siblings. As well as that, prenatal Singing helps the expectant mother to improve her breathing, as well as discover the pleasure of singing for her baby and contributing to its healthy development.




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