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"Gələcək Nəsil" parents' club's president and founder.


Arifa Alakbarova

She got education at Baku State University.

She is married, has three children and five grandchildren.

She worked as a teacher at the Food Industry College.She attended courses of prenatal psychology and parents’ school in Moscow. She took part at “Baby time” and “Technology of children education and improving games” conferences. She is a member of The International Women Club to help orphans during 10 years. She was the vice- president of this club at 2006- 2007.

She took part at “Fitting delivery” special training.

As creator of the first parents’ club “Gələcək Nəsil”
Arifa Alakbarova take participation in the conference “The honoring birth” in May 2007 in Baku city. The specialties of the parents’ club “Gələcək Nəsil” shared their large experience with Poland friends and others members of the conference.

In October 3-7 2007 she was a participant of the Moscow International Conference “ Мир детства 2007 ”.

The first pregnants’ school was created by Arifa Alakbarova in March 14 2006. Creating parent’s club ”Gələcək  Nəsil” Arifa khanum helped to make healthy society and future. Azeri people and healthy future, what can we do for it are the actual problems which always worry this kind woman.

At the time the school of mothers acting with parent’s club “Gələcək Nəsil” co-operates with several clinics of our Republic. The best specialists ore involved in special project and research in some directions. The project is taken for long period, but there are first statistics. For example, 85%of the women who finished the courses bore their children naturally. None of newborn children has brain pressure. By the APQAR chart they got 8-9 points. At the time Arifa khanum is the president of the parents’ club “Gələcək Nəsil”. In this club there are classes for pregnant women and children from birth to 6 years.

"Gələcək Nəsil" parents' club's founder and manager.




Ulviya Alakbarova

She got education at Baku State Medical University with high marks.

She passed two-year period in which junior doctor specializes in particular field in this case it is endocrinology in Russian Science Academy. She took part at “Stixial” courses for pregnant women and parents. She took part at “Fitting delivery” courses in 2007 year in Baku.

She is married, has three children. She works at EDM hospital.

"Gələcək Nəsil" parents' club's manager.




Sevinj Hagieva

She got education at Baku State University at East relations faculty. She took part at “Fitting delivery” courses. She is married, has two children.




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Gelecek nesil 11 years

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